Thursday, June 10, 2010


There is something magical about the properties of scotch: it'll make you slap you best friend in the face, because they stated that Harry Nilson "doesn't do much for them". Scotch is like the fire to the flame of a poorly executed arguement. Its so fun to drink, especially on a Wednesday night when you should be at home doing something productive (or nothing at all, just not falling victim to the drink). Scotch turns my moderately sized nose a tad bigger, and often makes it red. It has accounted for some of the dumbest things that I have ever done, and I'm sure that I am not alone (ex: stealing alcohol from an open bar, asking out a women point blank without even speaking to her once beforehand and without properly constructed sentences, and some of the most mindnumbing two day hangovers in the history of liquid recovery). Regardless, it's still my favorite hard beverage, and even in my slow work coma state, I'm declaring June national scotch month. I don't even need to look for some dumb shit, as scotch simply makes the dumb a lot clearer.

Speaking of beverages, in looking for a pic to put up for this post I came across the following article. Apparently Andre the Giant was on a legendary alcoholic kick; I think its worth a read, despite the douchiness of a mag like Modern Drunkard.

Today's track is pretty straight ahead, with little metaphoric interference. It's about the lead singer Robert Brookins' desire to fill his female counterpart up with his love paint.
Afterbach - Wanna Fill You Up


  1. dude, do you remember those all scotch or all tequilla nights! awesome... except for when you took out my front tooth and i woke up in a speedo...heady days.