Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Japanese Comments

For whatever reason every time I put a post, some weirdo leaves a comment in japanese with a link to japanese porn. As much as I adore japanese porn (despite the fact that it rarely delivers), I am curious if this is a problem that faces the blogging community. I know that spam is a nuisance across almost all internet platforms, but I'm curious more as to whether its a strictly japansese porn thing thats hittin' the blogs. Is it specific to certain types of blogs, is it omnipresent, or is it just my blog that seems to be targeted. Since I am not well connected in the blog community (whatever that is) I'll probably never get to the bottom of it, but since this spamming fucker is somehow targeting my pithy blog, 私は日本のポルノへのリンクであるコメントについて興奮することにうんざりです。 あなた自身とセックスしに行ってください。.
Kermit - The Rainbow Connection

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