Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look Dude...

I've been traveling around a little bit, as its summer, and that's what you are supposed to do (right?). You're supposed to endure the summer elements of heat, humidity, bug bites and long lines; things that as a spoiled Californian, I normally don't have to deal with. Of course that means turning my back on blog, and stashing him away in some far corner without much hesitation (sorry bud!). If only I had a super telephone, so I could stay connected to my internet mistress at all moments...

Thanks to DJ Rance, I was able to borrow a portable unit of technology to conveniently record the Grow Up 1 Year Anniversary. Included in today's post are sets from Chungtech and the Jonas Reinhardt DJs. I personally was in rare form (I was actually talking to people) as the incurred light-headedness of blowing up about 60 balloons before-hand mixed with a combination of every hard liquor I could synthesize, really did a number on me.
Jonas Reinhardt DJs - DJ Set @ Grow Up 7/7/10
Chungtech - DJ Set @ Grow Up 7/7/10

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